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A face-to-face bachelor's degree is the classic model for anyone who wants to take up a degree for the first time after having graduated from high school or who would like to study full-time. The range of courses offered by the University of Kaiserslautern in this study model includes around 30 courses from the fields of technology, economics, design, health and IT as a cross-sectional discipline.

A consecutive master’s degree in attendance, i.e. a master’s degree that is directly linked to a bachelor’s degree, is the right study model for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in this area after completing a bachelor’s degree and, if necessary, strive for a scientific career. The course takes place full-time in attendance and takes another 3 or 4 semesters, depending on whether the standard period of study for the associated Bachelor course is 6 or 7 semesters.

With the cooperative study model KOSMO, which is particularly close to the company, every degree course at the university can be studied in partnership with a company.

With this type of study, study phases at the university and work phases in one of the currently approx. 200 partner companies alternate regularly. For students, this means getting to know their potential future employer during their studies, putting what they have learned into practice directly during their studies, earning money during their studies and planning their own career.

The dual students in the KOSMO course take part in regular lectures and events at the university together with their fellow students in the undergraduate courses. During their studies, the students are employed by the company and receive a monthly remuneration that should correspond to the apprenticeship remuneration customary in the industry. In return, they undertake to complete certain elements such as a preliminary internship, practical phase and bachelor thesis in the company. During the lecture-free period, they are involved in the company's activities, so they can immediately put what they have learned into practice.

A dual course of study at the University of Kaiserslautern is not only possible in all engineering and business management courses, but every course can be studied as a dual course, both as a bachelor's and master's degree.

For everyone who wants to really get started on their professional path, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences offers 24 extra-occupational courses with a bachelor's and master's degree or certificate as well as the distance learning course in business administration, which offer the right model for a wide variety of life situations in order to be fit for work or family to make the next career leap. The part-time courses are designed in such a way that work and studies are compatible. They follow the approach of blended learning, a mix of - largely independent of time and location - self-study phases based on study letters and web-based teaching content. These are available in the form of learning software and exercises on a learning platform. Students can use this platform to exchange ideas with one another as well as with professors and lecturers. In order to apply and deepen the self-acquired knowledge, face-to-face events alternate with the self-study phases at the University of Kaiserslautern. From automation technology to business administration, IT analysts, mechatronics, to industrial pharmacy, process engineering and a few others, the extra-occupational courses of study, which conclude with a bachelor's degree, can be studied both part-time, part-time and as a full-time course. The two most recent part-time master’s courses are offered in electrical engineering and process technology. The courses are aimed at engineers in the profession and conclude with the internationally recognized academic degree “Master of Engineering, M.Eng.”.

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Practical relevance, innovation, interdisciplinarity, flexibility, up-to-date study duration, regional focus and internationality: the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences implements these characteristics as a modern, application-oriented university in a special way.

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