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The Administration Department of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern sees itself as a modern, target-oriented service provider for tuition, research, and central institutions. It provides information and advice, and supports students, employees, and prospective students in their studies and day-to-day work. The administration is split into three departments and is managed by the Chancellor.

The Department for Study and Examination Matters accompanies students throughout the entire student life cycle - starting with the application and enrollment, to exam registration, right up to issuing certificates and references.

The Department for Budget and HR is, on one hand, a point of contact for all HR issues, such as applications and the recruitment process, as well as for matters of personnel development and management. On the other hand, this department is also responsible for overall budget of the university, purchasing, and administration of externally funded projects.

The Department for Technical Services, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environment provides technical services for central workshops and the institutional administration. Additionally, this is the department that manages and maintains the university’s real estate.