Our Research Profile

With the establishment of the applied research focus areas, the Hochschule Kaiserslautern has been on the way to improving its research profile for many years now. These research focus areas involve university-wide cooperations between Professors that work on externally funded projects. They are designed to be interdisciplinary and pioneering. After an invitation for proposals, followed by an external audit, the university’s senate committee established three focus areas as early as in 2005. In 2016, a fourth research focus area was added. Currently, all focus areas are funded by state research initiatives as part of measures to improve the region's research profile.

Unsere Forschungsaktivitäten an der Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Alongside the research focus areas, the university has also established some internal institutes within the last few years that deal with topics that attract a lot of external funding, such as the Institute for Plastics Technology at the Pirmasens campus and the Institute for sustainable building and design. In cooperation with two other universities and the DLR, we created the cross-university “Weincampus Neustadt” which focuses on viticulture and enology in teaching and research.

The areas described here form our university’s research profile. They are strategically anchored in the university’s development plan and are currently being reinforced by way of intramural projects and funding from the state, in order to ensure research activities that meet international standards. New Professors at the university are encouraged to integrate themselves into the research structures as early as possible.



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