Integrated Miniaturised Systems

The complex scientific and technological challenges of modern life require the synergetic interaction of the engineering and natural sciences.

Application areas:

  • Biomedicine
  • Health care
  • Industrial Production
  • Automotive Industry
  • Information Technology

Our research benefits from the interaction of the complementary expertises of our Applied Life Sciences and the Micro Systems and Nano Technologies Departments. One main focus of our work constitutes the micro- and nanotechnical processes which are a further range of applications.
For example:

  • Single measurement with Nanowire sensors
  • Manufacturing of synthetical Tissue
  • Analysis of complete perfused organs
  • Directly at human proximal sensors

With many projects funded by public or partners we work in a constantly scientific interchange with companies, universities of applied sciences, universities and research institutes in the inland and in foreign countries. Our research groups consists of professors, engineers, PhDs which are doing their cooperative doctorate, young scientists and students.

  • In the applied research center we don´t only develop miniaturised systems but rather we work on their applicability in the daily life.
  • As part of the applications we use our know-how in the applied life sciences and in the Micro- and Nanotechnologies.
  • Our power is the interdisciplinary cooperation of many active research groups across borders of classical disciplines.