The research focus area of “Highly Efficient Technical Systems” also shares this view and concentrates on optimizing technical systems. To this end, experts in the fields of electrical engineering, IT, and mechanical engineering combine their interdisciplinary competencies to create innovative solutions, from the product approach, to the extended product approach, right up to the entire system approach.


New exciting collaborative project in the research focus area of HTS

In September 2021, the new BMBF collaborative project in the "FH-Kooperativ" programme started with the title "Micro- and nanostructured hard magnetic materials and components for microtechnological applications (MiNaMag)". Prof. Monika Saumer (Chemical Processes in Microsystem Technology, project management), Prof. Sven Urschel (Electrotechnical Systems of Mechatronics) and Prof. Peter Starke (Materials Science and Materials Testing) are involved in the project, which has a project duration of 48 months.

The aim of the project is to develop nanocrystalline compounds with specific hard and soft magnetic characteristics, which can be produced by electrochemical, electrolytic deposition, adapted to the component and process integrated.


Good luck with the exciting and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Machine Learning in Industry: Predictive Maintenance in the Automotive Industry

As a mobile engineering lab, the online platform elab2go offers an introduction to technological implementation options for trends in the context of Industry 4.0 anywhere and at any time. Themed "Technologies: INTUITIVE and PRACTICAL", you can experiment with data and technologies. On the one hand, the elab2go illustrates how technological trends work and, on the other hand, shows their potential applications in practice.
Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Kiss and Anke Welz, M. Sc. (University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern, Faculty of Applied Engineering) present the elab2go - Mobile Engineering Lab as part of the event "Machine Learning in Industry: Predictive Maintenance using the example of the automotive industry".

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