Our Research Institutions

At our research institutions, interdisciplinary teams work on projects related to both science and commerce.

Institute for Innovation in Academic and Business Processes ed-media e.V.

  • Center of expertise for e-learning and further education
  • Production of computer-based and web-based training courses
  • Consultation, education, seminars on IT, logistics, and multimedia
  • Web-oriented software development and support for open source software
  • Website

Institute for Energy-Efficient Systems (IES)

The Institute (IES), works on various projects in cooperation with businesses, in the following research fields: Power electronic systems, drive technology, energy conversion and storage, energy supply, electromobility, and smart grids.

Institute for Plastics Technology Westpfalz (IKW)

The Institute for Plastics Technology Westpfalz (IKW)is a scientific institute that belongs to the Faculty for Applied Logistics and Polymer Sciences. It has the following responsibilities:

  • Research, development, and support for teaching in the areas of plastics technology and polymer composites
  • Cooperation, transfer, and advice in relation to development and application in the fields of plastics technology and polymer composites
  • Publishing scientific publications
  • Hosting public events, colloquia, workshops, and symposia

Weincampus Neustadt

The Weincampus Neustadt was founded in conjunction with the Fachhochschule Bingen, the Hochschule Ludwigshafen, and the DLR Rheinland-Pfalz. It focuses on viticulture and enology in teaching and research. The cooperation of practicians, scientists, and researchers combines the expertise of the partners involved, thereby making education, study, and research of the highest standard a reality. The entire work process of a vintner, from cultivation to wine preparation, right up to the sale of the wine, is covered in research and teaching by the various partners. This creates a lot of potential for innovation and knowledge transfer.

Department for Research and Project Coordination