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University Library

Customer-orientation and excellent services for our users are the highest priority at our University Library. A friendly demeanor and flexibility are what characterizes our contact with our users, we strive to attain a high level of availability and transparency, and place great importance on ensuring excellent service at all locations.

University library - Wintersemester

The use of the university library at all locations is possible again under special conditions until further notice.

In addition to the lending service, individual reading stations will continue to be available for university members. Use is limited to a certain number of persons and registration is required for attendance.

PC workstations, copiers and book scanners cannot be used until further notice.

Please refer to the respective locations for the current opening hours.

For media returns at the Kaiserslautern and Zweibrücken locations, the media return boxes are still available during the opening hours of the buildings.

Please note that for the protection of students and university staff, the applicable hygiene and clearance conditions must be observed on the entire campus (among other things, access to the buildings is only permitted with a so-called makeshift mask that covers mouth and nose).

Furthermore, the following emergency service applies:

  •     Information will be provided by e-mail or telephone.
  •     Articles from print magazines from our stock are copied within the scope of copyright and sent by
        e-mail as an internal delivery service.
  •     Databases and eBooks licensed by the university are accessible via VPN - we are expanding this service.
  •     More on researching full texts
  •     We offer some training courses via video conference.


Online courses university library

Thank you very much for your interest in our training courses. In this box you will find the link to the planned zoom conference on 27.11.2020


and the respective feedback forms for download:

    Evaluation form literature research
    Evaluation sheet Citavi crash course
    Evaluation sheet Avoid citation and plagiarism

Please send the completed forms by mail after the event to (andreas.koschela(at)

I look forward to seeing you.

Andreas Koschela
University Library


How to contact us

Phone: 0631/3724 -2131
eMail: bibliothek-kl(at)hs-kl(dot)de

Phone: 0631/3724-7075
eMail: bibliothek-ps(at)hs-kl(dot)de

Phone: 0631/3724-5133
eMail: bibliothek-zw(at)hs-kl(dot)de


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