University-wide Projects

Our department coordinates a multitude of university-wide and cross-university projects. We will introduce some of these projects and other projects at the university here:

Research Initiative of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

Improving the research profile of the state’s educational institutions is at the forefront of the Research Initiative. At our university, state funding is used to support the expansion and development of our applied research focus areas.

Promoting Individual Study Paths (FIS)

The project Promoting Individual Study Paths (FIS ) takes the individual abilities of the students into account and develops measures for intensive support during the course and to facilitate the transition into studying and work. It is funded by the BMBF program, the Hochschulpakt Säule III - better study conditions and higher quality in teaching.

The TU and HS Kaiserslautern’s Entrepreneurship Office

The collaborative Entrepreneurship Office of the TU and HS Kaiserslautern is the central point of contact for career-minded and entrepreneurial members of both universities and local research institutions. With several employees and an extensive program of events, it supports interested parties, starting with raising awareness, ranging to consultation and qualification, up to preparing for becoming independent.

Open MINT Labs (OML)

The goal of the BMBF-funded cooperative project by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern, Koblenz, and Trier, Open MINT Labs (OML) is to collaboratively develop and execute Blended Learning Lab concepts in the subjects of Life and Engineering Sciences, in order to increase motivation and success in studying. The main focus of the project work is therefore coordinated integration of teaching units from on-campus study and interactive e-learning modules ‑ the virtual laboratories ‑ in the fields of physics, chemistry/biology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering.

Open Competency Region of Westpfalz (OKWest II)

The goal of the BMBF-funded cooperative project by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern, TU Kaiserslautern and VCRP, "Open Competency Region of Westpfalz" ( OKWestpfalz II")is to introduce and develop part-time study courses for professionals, for both foundation and advanced subjects, catered to the needs of the local economy and the needs of new, non-traditional target groups. Transforming the learning culture, skills orientation, and the expansion and development of an education network are all at the forefront of the project’s purpose. You can find publications on the results of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern’s projects from the first project phase here.


E-hoch-B: Education as a catalyst for personal and regional development: The demographic development and the expected management gap will pose a special challenge for the Westpfalz region with its unique economic structure, which is largely made up of mid-sized companies. In order to reconcile the resulting lack of qualified and skilled workers in the future, further education will play a key role in the region’s development.

Meeting Point Functional Layers (MPFL)

The goal of the “Meeting Point Functional Layers” project is expanding and developing international research partnerships on the topic of “Functional Layers”, a targeted research transfer, the development of mutual joint honors degrees, shared promotional schemes, as well as strengthening internationalism.

You can find information on the project flyer, the Student-Exchange"-Flyer, and the project poster

Transfer Network of Rhineland-Palatinate

The Transfer Network of Rhineland-Palatinateis an association of the knowledge and technology transfer points at eleven universities and Fachhochschulen in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. We serve as a contact for industry partners for any queries about the numerous cooperation options between universities and businesses.