Online Inter-Library Loans

The portal for online inter-library loans, officially known in German as “Deutscher Leihverkehr”, is a cooperative establishment by libraries in the Federal Republic of Germany for sharing and providing media.

Media that is not present in the respective Campus Library stock may be ordered conveniently via the internet. You will be notified by email as soon as the item you ordered has been delivered. You can collect the item at the Lending Desk of the Campus Library in question.


Each order placed for a book or article carries a fee of €1.50 for students or €3.00 for employees and non-university members, which is the price of a transaction number (TAN). This fee is a standard charge for expenses which must still be paid, even if the delivery is not feasible or the order is canceled. Generally, we are unable to process refunds. This fee is determined by the fee regulations.

The fees for inter-library loans are invoiced using transaction numbers (TANs). You can obtain them from each of the Campus Libraries.

Cost center users can order a TAN by filling out a form.

The TANs are location-specific and may not be used for a delivery to another location.

The loan duration is determined by the providing library. The borrower is subject to the conditions determined by the providing library, including loan duration, usage restrictions, and copying restrictions.


Items that are available from a book seller for a low price (currently under 15 euros).

Loose leaf collections
Journals and periodicals
Diploma, master, and certification resources, and similar
Patent specifications, DIN standards
Items of particular value (books from the 16th and 17th - in many libraries also the 18th - centuries).

For literature that is required for non-academic purposes and typical library reading room materials (e.g. dictionaries, reference works), the probability that the order cannot be fulfilled can be very high.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at any of the Campus Libraries.

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