Citavi Reference Management - free for members of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern

The Hochschule Kaiserslautern has purchased a campus license for the software "Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organization". Starting immediately, employees and students of our university can use this high-performance program for their studies, teaching, and research at their workspaces and at home.

Citavi supports students and researchers in all stages of their work by providing academic literature. This begins with research. Citavi opens the door to over 4,000 library catalogs and specialist bibliographies, and the information can be saved for later use with a single click. You can even avoid typing out the titles of the books piled up on your desk as well. If the books have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) - all books published since 1980 have one - then this number is enough for Citavi to find all of the necessary information online: Author, title, publisher, year, and often even the cover image and a short overview of the contents.

Five steps to Citavi 6

Since February 2018 there is a new version of Citavi. With the following steps you can update your older Citavi version.

1. find out about new features (, changes ( and the upgrade process (
2. download the Citavi 6 setup (
3. deinstall older versions of Citavi. Your projects and settings will not be affected.
4. install Citavi 6 and log in with your Citavi account data. Logging in to Citavi replaces the previous procedure where you had to enter license data.
So use your university e-mail address. Forgot your password? You can reset it using the login form (
5. the Start Wizard helps you to convert your old projects to the new Citavi 6 format. Your Word document will be copied by Citavi's Word Add-in the first time you open it and the contained fields will be converted for Citavi 6.

Citavi Reference Management

Citavi firstly brings some order to the literature collection process. Not every text must be processed immediately and in the same way. Citavi's Task Planner lets you keep track of what you need to do when for each reference in your project. With one click you can create a task list for your next library visit.

However, the decisive factor is what you will do with the information you have collected. In Citavi, this is known as "Knowledge Organization": The important things must be filtered out from the unimportant things, and then pooled with your existing knowledge. Citavi provides several tools to assist with this. The literature can be categorized and assigned keywords. You can extract the most important quotes from each text, systematically organize them, and unite them with your own ideas, thoughts, and first drafts. In this way, your custom knowledge base will grow continuously on the way to reaching your academic goal.

The last step is naturally a finished paper or publication. Citavi works with almost all word processors - even LaTeX editors. Just click to insert references, quotations, and thoughts into your document. Citavi automatically creates a bibliography for the references cited in your paper.

1. Install Citavi:
(Technical information about the download:

2. Request your free license key. You can find the form to request your license key here:
Important note: Your Hochschule Kaiserslautern email address will be used for authentication. You may not order the license key using a free email address (, GMX, Gmail, etc.).

3. Enter the license information in Citavi Launch Citavi and enter the license key from the email sent by the software manufacturer. The email will tell you what to do. With the license key you get the full version.

Dies sollten Sie wissen:

Citavi Web hat (noch) nicht den gleichen Funktionsumfang wie Citavi für Windows.

Zitierstile können in Citavi Web nicht angepasst werden. Auch können Sie Zitierstile, die Sie mit Citavi für Windows erstellt haben, nicht in Citavi Web übertragen.

Wenn Sie ausschließlich mit Citavi Web arbeiten, können Sie nicht mit Citavis Word Add-In in Ihren Dokumenten zitieren. Stattdessen steht Ihnen der Citavi Assistant zur Verfügung. Bitte prüfen Sie unbedingt, ob dieser in Ihrem Word-Programm funktioniert, bevor Sie mit der Arbeit in Citavi Web starten.

Sie nutzen bereits Citavi?

Nutzen Sie Ihre Zugangsdaten zum Citavi Account, um sich in Citavi Web unter anzumelden.

Falls Sie Ihr Passwort nicht mehr wissen, rufen Sie auf und klicken Sie dort auf Passwort vergessen ; Sie können so ein neues Passwort setzen.

With the help of the Citavi settings file, you can directly apply the Hochschule Kaiserslautern University Library's pre-installed settings to your version of Citavi. Then, you will have the option to research in the catalogs and databases recommended by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern. How to import the Citavi settings into Citavi:

1. Download the settings file.

2. Select Extras from the menu and run the command Einstellungen importieren/exportieren (Import/export settings).

3. Click on Importieren (import) and then on Durchsuchen (browse) to select the Citavi settings file.

4.Click Weiter (continue).

5. Select which settings you wish to import.

6. Click Fertigstellen (finish).

There is a quick start guide for the program included in the online manual, under the chapter “Getting Started with Citavi”, which can be found at You can find more support at