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Increase Students’ Success

Project goals

With the “Increase Student Success” project, the university intends to investigate what factors and measures are important in helping students to become more successful in their studies. This doesn’t only take the student’s studies into account; the main focus is placed on the student as an individual.

The project has been relocated to the field of System Accreditation and the “Promoting Individual Study Paths” project. The measures and results are therefore assessed internally.


Methodical Approach

The methodical approach used within the project is evidence-based and action-oriented. It therefore covers the analysis and interpretation of study data, as well as conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys. The results are analyzed in conjunction with the various faculties, and are used to develop tailored recommendations for the degree courses (upon approval, e.g. by way of development reports).

Consequently, the project aims primarily to determine the positive and negative factors on students’ success in order to develop and promote appropriate measures, for example in the field of teaching.


Additional project funding for teaching

As part of this project €150,000 is provided each year as start capital for projects in the field of teaching. This funding is allocated by the Senate Committee for Quality and Teaching (SQL).


Affiliate Partner

The project is conducted in cooperation with the TU Kaiserslautern. Both universities must regularly collaborate to approve the individual steps of the project and the results, and in this way are able to facilitate an inter-university knowledge transfer, which in the end will benefit students at both universities.