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Deregistering for Examinations

In principle, it is possible to cancel your registration for an exam (deregistration). However, if you are required to take an exam, deregistering may result in a failing grade due to the fact that you are not registered. This may cause you to lose your admission to take an exam, which could mean that you may not be able to graduate.

The last date in which you are permitted to deregister for an exam varies from subject to subject. This information is generally provided in the examination schedule, and therefore also on the Bewerber- und Studierendenportal, as is information on the registration period.

Please check the specific details of the registration process for your degree course. You are also welcome to contact the staff at the Examination Office.

You can deregister for an exam on the Bewerber- und Studierendenportal if you were able to register online as well.

Important note:

There may be special conditions for deregistering for examinations in your degree course, especially if there are examinations or coursework modules for which you may not register online. Please check this information for your degree course.

Bewerber- und Studierendenportal: Please see the email confirmation to ensure that your deregistration was successful.

Service registration: You may not deregister from a service registration. In the case that you have registered for an examination of your own accord, but have not yet completed a service registration for organizational reasons (e.g. evaluation was not available at the start of the registration period), the responsibility for a possible deregistration resulting in an absence lies with you.