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Registering illness

If you miss or are unable to take an exam due to illness, you must obtain a sick note from a doctor. This sick note must be submitted to the Examination Office by the end of the third working day following the scheduled examination (Saturdays do not count as working days). In order to make the deadline, a copy of the sick note can be provided in advance by email or fax.However, the original must be submitted as soon as possible.

The sick note requirements depend on whether or not it is the first time you have been absent from the same exam due to illness.

First case of illness during an exam:

  • Doctor’s note to state your inability to take the exam
  • Doctor's office stamp and doctor’s signature

This can be completed using one of the doctor’s forms or using the following template: Form stating inability to take an examination

Repeated cases of illness for the same examination:

  • Provision of an official medical certificate (from the public health officer for the district where you live)

Obligation to retake the examination after an absence

If you miss an examination due to illness, you must take the examination during the exam period in the following semester. Depending on the examination regulations that apply to you, you may be registered for the retake through the Examination Office. Please check here whether or not the service registration will be completed for you or not: Registering to retake an examination