Exam registration

It is essential to register for an examination in order to be able to take it and to receive your results. Failing to register may result in a fail grade for the exam in question.

You are obligated to obtain the necessary information and carry out the necessary tasks related to examination procedure for the exams you will be taking, including the obligation to register. This obligation to complete the necessary tasks (i.e. to register) means that you will be held responsible for any exams you fail to attend.

Registration period

The registration must be completed within the registration period. The registration period will be announced by the faculty in the examination schedule.

It is important to check when your exams will take place and the registration period each semester

Registering for the first examination attempt

You must register yourself for the first attempt at an examination.

It is important to note which semester would be the last opportunity that you may register for an exam for the first time. It may be necessary for you to first register later for an exam, for example if the exam is scheduled for the second semester, but you register to take it for the first time in the fourth semester, so that the first exam is not awarded a fail grade due to the fact that you have not yet registered.

You can learn more about your obligation to register in the examination regulations or from the Examination Office.

Registering to retake an exam or to take an exam after an absence (e.g. due to illness)

If you have failed or justifiably missed an exam (due to illness, with provision of a sick note), you must retake the exam. You must also register for retaking the exam. However, you must only complete the registration yourself if the examination regulations do not entitle you to an automatic service registration.

Service registration

You will be automatically registered to retake an exam by the Examination Office if you are subject to the general Bachelor’s or Master’s examination regulations, or subject-specific examination regulations that stipulate your entitlement to a service registration.

The following regulations apply to service registrations:

  • You will be registered for retaking the examination (after a failed or missed exam) by the Examination Office for the examination period in the following semester. In Bachelor's degrees subject to the general Bachelor’s examination regulations, there is a longer retake period in place for the first retake: Extended retake period
  • If there are multiple examination sessions available for the exam in question, you will be registered for the latest possible session. As such, you will always be registered for the last opportunity to take an exam where a fail grade will be incurred by missing the exam.
  • You may not deregister from a service registration.
  • In the case that you have registered to retake an examination of your own accord, but have not yet completed a service registration for organizational reasons (e.g. evaluation was still not available after the start of the registration period), the responsibility for a possible deregistration resulting in an absence lies with you.
  • You should regularly check the status of your examination registrations.

Examination retake periods

Generally, an examination retake must be taken during the examination period in the following semester.

The extension of the first examination retake period only applies to the subject-specific Bachelor’s examination regulations (with reference to the ABPO). According to these regulations, the first exam retake may be taken in the exam period two semesters after the original exam.

Check: What is my retest period?

Important: You must register yourself for all non-compulsory examination dates. A service registration will only register you for the latest possible exam date which would otherwise incur a failing grade if the registration has not been completed.This means, for example, if you wish to take an exam before it is compulsory to do so, you must register for that exam date yourself.

Bewerber- und Studierendenportal - Registration portal

Registering for examinations is done via the Bewerber- und Studierendenportal.

Important information:

  • Please see the email confirmation to ensure that your registration was successful.
  • Depending on the faculty and degree course, there may be examinations or assignments (e.g. labs, research papers, practical internships, final projects) for which an online registration is not possible. You can get more information on this from your faculty or instructor.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at the Prüfungsamtesin good time.