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The Research Group "Chemical Processes in Microtechnology"
benefits from the outstanding facilities at the Zweibrücken campus.

In addition to basic research and engineering laboratories (chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry and electrical engineering) including sopisticated equipment for metrology and analysis (e. g. a scanning electron microscope), the Department of IMST also operates a well-equipped clean room for silicon micro machining and LIGA applications.


Additional facilities

In addition, the research group has use of the following facilities:

  • 2 industrial plating plants for 4-inchl wafers by MOT Mikro und
  • Oberflächentechnik GmbH (currently used for nickel and NiFe alloy plating)
  • Gold plating plant
  • Autolab RotaHul - rotating cylinder Hull cell
  • Potentiostat PGSTAT302N; Metrohm incl. ECD module for lower currents ranges
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer; Perkin-Elmer; model 3100
  • UV-VIS spectrometer; Perkin-Elmer; model Lambda 41
  • HPLC Agilent LC system 1100 with various modules such as isocratic pump, column oven, diode array detector and refractive index detector