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Facilities & Equipment "Mechatronics"

The laboratories in the Mechatronic Systems Working Group have a pool of equipment mainly financed by third-party funds. For the test and verification of mechatronic systems, a large number of test benches with corresponding measuring technology are available:

  • Electric engine test stands from 100 W to 45 KW
  • Spitzenberger voltage sources for any type of voltage up to 90 kW three-phase
  • Precision Power Analyzers from Yokogawa (WT3000E) and ZES Zimmer (LMG 450 and LMG 500)
  • PowerScope for Yokogawa transient power analysis (PX8000)
  • High-resolution digital storage oscilloscopes
  • Modular Data Acquisition Systems from National Instruments (CompactDAQ)
  • (Optical) shaft alignment systems
  • Microcontroller development space
  • EMC measuring station for conducted network perturbations
  • EMC interference measuring receiver
  • EMC Surge and Burst Generator
  • Scope Corder
  • IO measurement boards from National Instruments
  • dSpace prototyping development system
  • Model-based development software (MATLAB / Simulink with corresponding toolboxes)
  • Software for Numerical Field Calculation (ANSYS Maxwell)

To ensure the specified lifetime of developed mechatronic systems, tests based on artificial aging shall be performed. As of mid-2016, an alternating climate chamber will be available for the temperature range from -40 ° C to 180 ° C at a humidity of 10% RH. up to 98% r.F available. In addition, two test rigs were specified in the special area of ​​the hydromechatronic system, which will be acquired in the course of 2016.