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International Office

Your guest/Erasmus semester

As a student of our partner universities you have the opportunity to spend one or two guest or Erasmus semesters at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and get to know the country and its people in addition to study interesting modules.

How do you proceed?


Choose suitable modules for your guest/Erasmus semester at our university:

In addition, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences offers:

Please note that some modules are only offered in the summer semester, others only in the winter semester.

The Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences consists of three locations: Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, and Zweibrücken. It is generally not possible to take modules at more than one location.


Apply for your guest/Erasmus semester by having the International Office of your home university nominate you (name, first name, semester, department, nationality).

Erasmus students please use an Erasmus Learning Agreement for their application, which will be forwarded by your International Office to the International Office of the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.
All other students please use this form


Application deadlines:

  • for the summer semester - December 15
  • for the winter semester - June 15


Take care of the financing of your guest studies.

Here you can find out what you will have to pay for studying in Germany


The Erasmus programme of your home university perhaps offers one possibility of financial support.


a) Before your arrival, please contact the International Office by email in order to be supported in finding a room at your university location Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens or Zweibrücken.

Here you will find information that may help you additionally in your search:

The Studierendenwerk is responsible for the allocation of rooms in student residences. You can find further possibilities in the three brochures.


b) Register: After you have rented accommodation and arrived, you must register at the relevant Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) with your new address. You can find further information on this in our Welcome Guide


Arrive in time for the start of your studies. You will find the start of lectures at the semester dates


Our student guides will contact you before your arrival and support you individually.

Don't miss the welcome event of the International Office. You can find the dates at the individual university locations under News


If you are not a citizen of an EU country, you need a visa to enter Germany. You can find information on this in our FAQ


You will need the following documents for your enrolment at the admission/enrolement office (Studierendensekretariat):

  • Proof of sufficient health insurance
  • Confirmation from your home university, stating your number of semesters (Learning Agreement)
  • Proof of social contribution paid
  • 2 current passport photos

You can find further information in our Welcome Guide


If you are not a citizen of an EU country, you need a residence permit to study at the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. You can find information on this in our FAQ

Any further questions?

You will find the right contact person for your questions in our FAQ