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Laboratory equipment

  • Servo-hydraulic test systems (20 and 50 kN Shimadzu, 150 kN Schenck)
  • Rotary bending system (Schenck)
  • Micro fatigue system (SincoTec)
  • Tensile test systems (400 kN Wolpert, 100 kN Zwick, 10 kN Shimadzu, 500 N Messphysik)


  • Microhardness tester (Wolpert)
  • Instrumented microhardness tester (Fischer)
  • Macro hardness tester (Wolpert)


  • Various magnetic field sensors with measuring amplifiers and scanners (self-made)
  • µmagnetic measuring system (QASS)
  • High frequency impulse analysis (QASS)
  • Eddy Current System (Rohmann)
  • 2D Digital Image Correlation (LIMESS Messtechnik)
  • Infrared cameras (Micro-Epsilon)


  • Atomic force microscope (Quesant)
  • LED confocal microscope (Zeiss)
  • Light microscope (Zeiss company)
  • Stereomicroscopes (Olympus, Zeiss)
  • High resolution digital microscope (Olympus)
  • Kerr-microskope (evico magnetics) 
  • X-ray diffractometer (Seifert, Eigenmann formerly G.E.)
  • Scanning electron microscope (Zeiss, user community Zweibrücken)
  • 2D surface perthometer (Ametek)
  • Spectral analysis (Thermo)


  • Heat treatment furnaces (Heraeus, various)
  • Various facilities for specimen preparation/electrolytic thinning (Struers)

Use of laboratory infrastructure

For questions regarding the use of the test and analysis facilities at the WWHK, please contact

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mario Dieter Elicker

Prof. PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Starke

Information about the laboratory equipment of the WWHK can be downloaded here

Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Starke

Studiengangsleitung Automatisierungstechnik, Bachelor Studiengangsleitung Industrial Engineering, Bachelor Studiengangsleitung Mechatronik berufsbegleitend, Bachelor Studiengangsleitung Prozessingenieurwesen, Bachelor Fachausschuss Studium und Lehre AING Vertrauensprofessor AING

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mario Dieter Elicker

Fachausschuss Studium und Lehre AING Assistent Fachbereichsrat AING Prüfungsausschuss AING Bachelor

M. Sc. Haoran Wu

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter