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Current tenders

We are always looking for suitable students who would like to do their practical phase, project, bachelor or master thesis in our research laboratory. Please contact Prof. Urschel or one of his associates!

Tender for student assistants

Tender for student projects

Ongoing projects (titel)

Master Theses

  • Development of estimation algorithms for hydraulic parameters of circulating pumps

Bachelor Theses

  • Numerical simulation of a flux-variable permanent magnet excited synchronous machine
  • Verification of the implementation of sensored field-oriented control on permanent magnet synchronous machine
  • Measurement data acquisition and visualization on a pump test bench
  • Object-oriented programming of a data analysis tool with Matlab

Master Theses (finished)


  • Creation of a higher-level measurement program under NI LabVIEW for testing turbines and compressors with integrated error estimation according to standard
  • Event detection and processing with battery-powered sensor technology
  • Further development of a test automation system and extension by a Model-In-The-Loop interface
  • Profinet via APL: Ethernet communication down to the field level


  • Evaluation of estimation algorithms for hydraulic parameters of circulating pumps
  • Evaluation of the use of field bus technologies in PLT safety devices
  • Development of a LabVIEW client for monitoring measured values


  • Concept and Evaluation of an Optical Communication Bus for Electric Vehicle Battery Modules
  • Identification and realization of intelligent assistance systems in the field of conventional cleaning machines
  • Development of a standard application for functional testing of actuators for exhaust gas flaps in the automotive industry
  • Alternative sensor heads for partial discharge measurements on high voltage motors
  • Investigation and development of methods for condition detection of machines in the process industry


  • Modelling and control of a heating system and its verification on a fully automated test bench
  • Further development and evaluation of an endurance test rig for leakage current measurement on medical implants


  • Analysis of two drive concepts for a photovoltaic pump system

Bachelor Theses (finished)


  • Field-oriented vector control of a magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance machine
  • Simulative comparison of different switching methods based on space vector modulation
  • Fault diagnosis method for electrical machines based on linear discriminant analysis
  • Design, installation and commissioning of the power section of a converter for a demonstrator vehicle


  • Verification of the implementation of sensored field-oriented control on permanent magnet synchronous machine
  • Object-oriented programming of a data analysis tool with Matlab
  • Planning and conceptual design of a measurement and control unit for a new generation of intelligent control valves
  • Thermal simulation models for high-voltage connectors
  • Modeling of a thermal multi-room system
  • Determination of magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials
  • Parameter identification of a permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance machine
  • V/f control of an asynchronous machine
  • Comparison of on-line and off-line partial discharge measurement methods
  • Development of a new test facility infrastructure
  • Automation of a test bench for measuring electric drives


  • Status detection of centrifugal pumps in the process industry using structure-borne sound measurement
  • Design and construction of a pump test bench with implemented sensor technology and programming of a user interface for data acquisition in LabVIEW
  • Conception and new development of a device for testing actuator control units
  • Automation and optimization of a batch process in the chemical industry
  • Safety Retrofit of a Rewinder
  • Development of an environment for the simulation of manufacturing stations for automotive components


  • Optimization of the installation of inverters with regard to the grounding concept "central grounding point"
  • Development of the control system for an automated test bench for hydraulic analysis of heating circulation pumps
  • Automation of an alternating climate chamber


  • Simulation of a heating test bench with Matlab/Simulink
  • Development, conception and automation of a device for opening aluminium profiles
  • Project planning and optimization of a rip fence for an industrial saw


  • Investigation of centrifugal pump characteristics during partial load detection
  • Simulation of the starting behaviour of a three-phase motor at the frequency converter with the load profile of a positive displacement pump unit
  • Analysis of different motor concepts with regard to their application as canned motor