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Power analysers:

Various available power analyzers allow a high flexibility in the field of pumps and electric motors to measure and determine power and efficiency of the machines used. The following measuring devices are available in the laboratory:

Yokogawa (WT3000E):

  •     Basic accuracy: ±0.04% (total)
  •     Frequency range DC: 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz
  •     Input modules for currents up to 2 A or up to 30 A (also mixed installation possible)
  •     Simultaneous measurements with 2 devices (8 power inputs)
  •     Advanced calculation functions: Signal calculation, FFT analysis
  •     Power factor measurement error at cosφ=0: 0.03 % of S

ZES room (LMG 450):

  •     basic accuracy 0,11%
  •     Frequency range DC: 1Hz to 20kHz
  •     Inputs: Eight voltage ranges from 6V to 600V and 6 current ranges from 0.6 to 16A

ZES room (LMG 500):

  •     Basic accuracy 0.025%
  •     Frequency range DC: 0.1Hz to 10MHz
  •     High dynamic range, 3 V to 1000 V / 3200 V peak, 20 mA to 32 A / 120 A peak in direct measurement via one pair of sockets each for current and voltage