Our Profile

In the research focus area "Reliable software-intensive systems" (ZUSIS), research is conducted on methods for creating more secure, maintainable, easily diagnosed, and self-repairing systems. Close attention is paid to topics such as implementing standards, certifications, business models, and quality management systems.

The following interdisciplinary work areas shape the profile of the research focus area:

  • Software Engineering and Databases
  • System Analysis / Business Modeling
  • Networks, Mobile Technology
  • Embedded Systems and Operating Systems
  • Process Management, Automation, and Ambient Assistance
  • Medical and Biometric Solutions
  • Image Processing, Visualization, Archiving Systems
  • User Interfaces and Usability
  • Involvement with standardization committees of the VDE / DKE / DIN and trade associations

The application-oriented research is usually conducted in cooperation with industry partners which allows for high practical relevance and direct applicability.

The research especially focuses on attaining defined product qualities using integrated development of technical and organizational components and the software. This combines technical engineering expertise with software engineering methods and business processes management, among other things.