The Hochschule Kaiserslautern sees itself as a modern university for applied sciences and design. Over 6,000 students and some 160 Professors learn, teach, and research throughout five faculties at the Kaiserslautern campus, the Pirmasens campus, and the Zweibrücken campus. Countless partnerships with domestic and foreign universities and cooperations with industry partners not only ensure practical relevance and an international range of degree courses offered, but also guarantees scientific expertise of the highest order.

The  Department for Business and Transfer  serves as the interface between the university and businesses, and is the central point of contact for businesses, offering advice and a wide range of services. We support the creation of new partnerships in the fields of further education and professional training, right up to research. Furthermore, we also contribute towards enhancing the region’s development. Our precise knowledge of all aspects of both the university and the region allows us to pool the skills present in the region and serve as a liaison for all subjects.

Personal contacts allow us to foster the level of trust required for a successful transfer of knowledge and technology, and we promote transparency throughout the university by a wide range of means.

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Leitung Referat Wirtschaft und Transfer

Finding skilled workers

Contact with the next generation of academics

Attract and educate skilled workers

Cooperative study models

Presenting companies

Hochschule as presentation platform

Research & Development

Contact to partners for R & D projects

Co-design the courses we offer

Practical applicability during courses


Create networks / Become partners

Your primary contact: The Department for Business and Transfer

Advise - liaise - support: these three words form the motto of the Department for Business and Transfer, the primary point of contact for businesses, which contributes to

  • transferring scientific expertise into practice
  • enabling a successful transfer of knowledge and technology, based on a level of trust instilled by personal contact
  • enhancing the region’s economic development and ensuring a supply of skilled future employees
  • making the university’s potential more transparent
  • optimizing the framework conditions for partnerships
  • putting people in touch with suitable contacts within the university