The project Hybrid E-Tattoo is based on the integration of different sensors concepts inside skin adhesives and textiles. The project will show that utilizing a combination of both systems together with  a multi-sensory approach, this platform technology could enable various application for future E-health application in healthcare, well-being and sports. Within the framework of this project, a platform will be created which, on the one hand, includes fundamental structures of textile assembly and connection technology, energy supply and wireless data transmission and, at the same time, considers essential requirements of economy, reusability, sustainability and disposal.

Exemplary demonstrators will be set up on the basis of a general technology platform, which will serve as a design basis for future SME projects to facilitate entry into the market. 


  • Versatile hybrid plug & play wearable sensor technology platform
  • Integration of different sensor concepts in both skin adhesives and textiles.



AiF (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK))


01/2023 - 12/2024

Funding Amount

250.000 Euro