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General Information

Enrolment fees:

Current enrolment fees are 93 € (EUR) per semester. This fee includes student union membership (discounts on meals, etc.). +8 € student card in the first semester.

Student  ID card: You will receive your individual Student ID card to be able to benefit from such offers like access to our library, getting cheaper prices in the cafeteria, or using the sport facilities. 

Tuition fees: None


The International Office provides assistance in finding a room in a student residence prior to your arrival in Zweibrücken. Student residences are close to the campus. The private market offers further possibilities. Rent is approx. 250-300 EUR per month

Living costs:

If a visa is required, the Immigration Authorities require proof of funding. This may be the sum of 8,000 EUR or a guarantee on the part of parents or another person. Another possibility is proof of a scholarship which guarantees enough money to cover living expenses in Germany. Approx. 750-800 EUR per month can be considered as appropriate to cover personal expenses.

Arrival support:

The International Office provides all information needed for obtaining a visa, finding accommodation and finding your way around. Student guides provide a pick-up service for newcomers and support them with initial administrative procedures (registration, opening a bank account, etc.).

Services and support for international students:

As the intake of this programme is typically approx. 15 students per semester, the university can provide extensive support and welcome services for foreign students. The International Office offers a number of excursions and advice as well as social activities throughout the year.

Job opportunities:

Due to the intensive nature of the programme, students have limited time for part-time jobs. Assistant lecturer positions can sometimes be offered at the university, but they are not guaranteed before enrolment.