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Product Refinement, Master of Science

Registration for this program is no longer possible.
Please have a look at the new program:

Refinement of Polymer and Composite Products

Product Refinement

In the “Product Refinement“ program, which is unique worldwide, you will systematically gain technical expertise and develop your personal competences. You will become fully qualified and well prepared to adjust to the various requirements you will encounter in your future career.

Lectures, seminars, internships and excursions will provide you with a solid knowledge of technical processes, advanced sciences and also economic aspects. Some tasks can be solved by means of teamwork, cooperating together with your fellow students.

This Master program covers three semesters and can be commenced twice a year - in the winter semester and in the summer semester. In total, 90 credit points are to be collected. In addition to the 210 credit points attained from a seven-semester Bachelor degree program, 300 points can be achieved in total, which, in turn, qualifies a Master study course graduate for Ph.D. programs.

It is possible for Bachelor graduates, who have only attained 180 points from a six-semester study course, to obtain a further 30 points by means of additional modules.

You can align your studies to your own needs and preferences by choosing two elective modules.

After completing the Master´s thesis in the third semester, you will receive the degree “Master of Science“ enabling you to proceed to a Ph.D. program

Admission requirements

  • 1. Three year Bachelor´s degree or Diploma in Engineering or Natural Sciences or equivalent qualification (210 European Credit Transfer System -ECTS-, in case of 180 ECTS a gateway is possible). The final grade of the degree should be well above average (”2.5” or better according to the German System).
  • 2.  If English is not the native language or was the teaching language for the Bachelor degree: Sufficient knowledge of the English language verified by a TOEFL (min. score 72 points), TOEIC (min. score 785 points), IELTS (min. 5.0) or equivalent.
  • 3.  If German is not native language: Proof of German language skills (B1 or equivalent).

In Pirmasens, the working environment of professors and students is ideal – both in terms of numbers and the amicable surroundings.

Christian Köhler, Pirmasens graduate

The lectures are all state of the art. That means you are professionally prepared for your future career.

Rudolf Dering, Pirmasens graduate