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Mikrosystemintegration, Automation und Prozessoptimierung

Veröffentlichungen, Patente und veröffentlichte Anmeldungen 2009-2015

Improving the stability of peptidic radiotracers by the introduction of artificial scaffolds: which structure element is most useful? L Bacher, G Fischer, S Litau, R Schirrmacher, B Wängler, M Baller, ... Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 2015

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Mechanical force components sensing system and an associated method thereof for a magnetically encoded device CM Sihler, MK Baller, KR Goray US Patent 8,844,375 2014 

Multi--‐stream spectrophotometer module R Fortt, C Steel, VD Samper, M Baller US Patent 8,664,617 2014

A solvent resistant lab--‐on--‐chip platform for radiochemistry applications C Rensch, S Lindner, R Salvamoser, S Leidner, C Böld, V Samper, ... Lab on a Chip 14(14), 2556--‐2564 1 2014

Method and apparatus for continuous sectional magnetic encoding to measure torque on large shafts M Baller, C Sihler US Patent 8,468,898 2013

Method for manufacturing fluid handling discs with porous mesh plates for use in ultrasonic mesh nebulizers G Sundararajan, MK Baller, S Addepalli, S Seshadri, DR Rakwal, ... US Patent App. 13/912,678 2013

Nebulizer systems and methods S Seshadri, MK Baller, D Rakwal US Patent App. 13/904,231 2013
System and method for monitoring tubular components of a subsea structure PT Sipilä, NJ Ellson, MK Baller, P Vyas US Patent App. 13/726,667 2012

System and method for controlling a microfluidic handling device MK Baller, VD Samper US Patent App. 13/718,2522012

Microfluidic reactor geometries for radiolysis reduction in radiopharmaceuticals C Rensch, B Waengler, A Yaroshenko, V Samper, M Baller, N Heumesser, ... Applied Radiation and Isotopes 70 (8), 1691--‐1697 12 2012

System, device, and method for detecting electrical discharges on a structure TF Baumheinrich, MK Baller, YNM Hernandez US Patent 8,239,150 1 2012

Magnetically spirally encoded shaft for measuring rotational angel, rotational speed and torque M Baller, C Sihler US Patent 8,203,334 1 2012

SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MONITORING TURBINE BLADE MK Baller, CM Sihler, M Breit US Patent 20,120,053,851 2012

System and method for vehicle temperature control P Vyas, O Mayer, MK Baller, J Hemmelmann, R Roesner, MW Waszak, ... US Patent 8,118,237 3 2012

Microfluidic chip and a related method thereof VD Samper, RJ Horvath--‐Klein, MK Baller, CFP Rensch, C Boeld, ... US Patent App. 13/285,855 2011


Devices and methods for reducing radiolysis of radioisotopes CFP Rensch, MK Baller, C Boeld, VD Samper, JUI Ulin US Patent App. 13/173,978 2011

Magnetostrictive sensor system and method PT Sipilä, KR Goray, MK Baller, SH Schramm, CM Sihler US Patent App. 13/112,214 4 2011

[18F] FMISO Synthesis on a chip--‐based microfluidic research platform C Rensch, B Wängler, C Boeld, M Baller, V Samper, N Heumesser, ... Journal of Nuclear Medicine 52 (supplement 1), 288--‐288 3 2011


Electrochemical phase transfer devices and methods M Baller, V Samper, C Rensch, C Boeld US Patent App. 13/377,881 1 2010

System and method for optical power management WS Sutherland, A Zribi, L Que, GS Claydon, SJ Kennerly, A Banerjee, ... US Patent 7,692,785 1 2010

Early fouling detection M Baller, M Alexy, GS Claydon, PJ Codella, S Kennerly, K Kishore, A Zribi, ... US Patent 7,652,586 2010

Hollow--‐core waveguide--‐based raman systems and methods R Chen, MK Baller, PJ Codella, A Zribi, R Guida, AV Vert, RA Potyrailo, ... US Patent 7,595,882 1 2009

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For detecting nucleotide strand hybridization MK Baller, J Fritz, C Gerber, J Gimzewski, HP Lang US Patent 7,560,070 6 2009

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