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The department International Relations and Languages, in cooperation with the Universidad Nacional de Rafaela (UNRaf), an Argentinean partner university, offers a basic Spanish course for students of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.


Content: This beginners' course aims to build participants' communicative competence and social interaction in Spanish by developing the four core skills: Speaking - Listening - Reading - Writing

It will also cover aspects of Argentinian and Latin American culture, history and society. Lessons contain theoretical and practical elements: For successful learning, participants should actively take part in the lessons and may also be asked to do some recommended readings and exercises for further practice.

The course will be based on content from the Spanish book "Horizons ELE", which will serve as a guide. A strong emphasis will be placed on the use of websites, social networks, blogs and podcasts as additional learning material since we consider these to be essential tools in today's international study and work environment.

Course Dates: 10 Oct 2023 - 12 Dec 2023, 2 online lessons per week (10 sessions in total)

Course time: Tuesdays, 15:45 - 17:15 CEST (from Nov 14:45 - 16:15 CET)

Learning Management Systems: OpenOLAT & BigBlueButton

REGISTRATION is open: OpenOLAT Online-Spanischkurs: Anfänger (WS 2023/2024, Okt-Dez)

Registration extended until: Sunday, 08 October 2023 (23:59 CEST)

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