Master of Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics

This degree course offers a very flexible option for tailored development of your knowledge and skills in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.

Special features of the degree course:

  • Project-based learning
  • Application-oriented or research-oriented profile
  • Innovative structure: elective modules only
  • Individual module selection
  • Interdisciplinary through teaching conducted by up to three Professors per module
  • Flexible start dates: in either October or March
  • International
  • Three semesters
  • Flexible study models: Part-time study, dual study model KOSMO/KOI and courses for professionals are available
  • No tuition fees if this is your first course of study
  • Gain team and work experience

Important contacts


Dekanat FB AING, Dekanatsassistentin, Prüfungsausschuss AING Bachelor, Prüfungsausschuss AING Master


Registrar's office