Tuition fees are not common in Germany and that's why we do not have a widely-developed system of scholarships. However, we do grant some scholarships (for example STIBET, which is a support programme funded by the DAAD and managed by the International Office), which are particularly aimed at supporting foreign students.

In our case, however, only registered students that have completed at least two semesters in their bachelor's (60 ECTS) or one semester in their master's (30 ECTS) can apply. One of the STIBET scholarships is the so called “Studienabschluss-Stipendium” – these scholarships were developed to support foreign students in their last year of studies. Ideally, you should take action at the earliest 1 semester before you start your final paper.
Application deadlines for this STIBET “Studienabschluss-Stipendium” are 1st of March, 12:00 h for the summer term and 1st of September, 12:00 h for the winter term. You will need the Application form, a Gutachten from one of your Professors, and an up to date transcript of records. All documents are to be handed in to the International Office (the application form can only be accepted in the original signed version or as a high quality colour scan).

Another STIBET scholarship is the “Matching Funds”, which is supported by the DAAD in cooperation with the local catholic university organization (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde, KHG). These scholarships are also designed to support foreign students. 


For more detailed information, please contact Mrs. Beatrice Melendez.

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