UR-AI 2021 - Session 1: Life Sciences

You can participate in the following talks in Session 1 with focus on Life Sciences:

  1. Challenges in Live Monitoring of Machine Learning Systems
    Patrick Baier and Stanimir Dragiev
  2. Prediction of Activators for Pathogen Sensing Receptors using Machine Learning
    Pyaree Mohan Dash, Pratiti Bhadra, Volkhard Helms and Bernd Bufe
  3. Deep Learning associated with Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict pollution concentration fields in urban areas
    Xavier Jurado, Nicolas Reiminger, Marouane Benmoussa, José Vazquez and Cédric Wemmert
  4. Improving COVID-19 CXR Detection with Synthetic Data Augmentation
    Daniel Schaudt, Christopher Kloth, Christian Späte, Andreas Hinteregger, Meinrad Beer and Reinhold von Schwerin
  5. Detection of driver drowsiness by calculation the speed of eye blinking
    Muhammad Fawwaz Yusri, Patrick Mangat and Oliver Wasenmüller
  6. MFmap: A semi-supervised generative model matching cell lines to cancer subtypes
    Xiaoxiao Zhang and Maik Kschischo