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Current announcement of the university management of 30 November 2020

Following the decisions between the Federal Government and the Länder regarding the containment of the infection, the existing regulations (see below) will be continued until 6 February 2021.

In concrete terms, this means that in the winter semester 2020/21 no more courses will be held in attendance unless the course is absolutely dependent on the higher education infrastructure (laboratories, workshops, etc.) and the necessary hygiene measures can be observed.

Examinations will continue to be conducted in compliance with all hygiene conditions.

Offices will continue to be available for individual use only, and mobile working will be preferred wherever possible. Please consult with your direct superiors in this regard.

Please continue to avoid face-to-face meetings and consultations and use the digital possibilities for exchange in order to limit your contacts as much as possible and to protect yourself and others.

For the ongoing operations of the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern this means for the time being until 06.02.2021:

  • Masks are compulsory in all buildings and premises. If two or more people meet in a room, the obligation to wear masks applies to all persons in the room.
  • The obligation to wear masks is only waived at the place where the room is used alone. We recommend that masks be worn throughout the entire campus, including outdoors.
  • Masks are compulsory during written and oral examinations, other meetings (e.g. conferences, meetings, etc.) and lectures. The wearing of masks in courses also applies to the lecturers.
  • In principle, meetings and discussions are to be conducted digitally in order to reduce contacts. For appointment and job interviews, separate applications with a hygiene concept should be submitted to the university management in good time.
  • Courses are generally held digitally.
  • Courses in laboratories and workshops may be held in attendance if an approved concept is available.
  • Event rooms, including PC pools, will continue to be closed outside of the courses.
  • The hygiene concepts for oral and written examinations continue to apply, supplemented by the obligation to wear masks. Examinations which can take these hygiene concepts into account can take place.
  • In general, the following applies: wherever it is possible in the course of business, mobile working is to be extended to up to 100% of the contractual working time in agreement with the supervisors.
  • Offices are only available for individual use, regardless of the number of workstations. Permits for multiple use that have already been granted are revoked with immediate effect until further notice.
  • Research work that depends on technical infrastructure at the university can continue to be carried out as before, subject to the previously approved hygiene concepts, the extended mask requirement and the attendance documentation.
  • You will be informed separately about the exact arrangement of the library services.
  • The printing services will be maintained for the time being. This is only possible if the communicated rules are adhered to.
  • Business trips will only be approved for compelling reasons.
  • Excursions are no longer possible with immediate effect.
  • Workshops and conferences as well as all extra-curricular activities (including those of the student bodies) are no longer possible in attendance.      

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Welcome to the winter semester 2020/21!

In order to combine study and health protection in the best possible way, the university is organising a hybrid semester of online and presence events under the motto "As much presence on campus as possible - as much online teaching as necessary". The current infection situation has made it necessary to adapt the regulations.


Hochschule Kaiserslautern and the Corona-Virus

Dear Members and Friends of our University

The ongoing Corona-crisis is a big challenge for all of us. New knowledge, new rules and new situations come up on a daily basis and we have to find ways to cope with these changes.

The situation constantly requires major adaptations in studying and working as we know it - and we are finding new ways.

As a matter of concern, we want to keep you updated and well informed about the support we can provide, about solutions in detail, new rules and the process of normalisation.

Plus, we want to display the outcomes of meeting this challenge with a creative, scientific and digital approach that is meaningful, even after this crisis is over.


As in all of Germany, all lectures, meetings and events on-site Hochschule Kaiserslautern's three campus locations are cancelled until further notice.

In 2020, the summer semester is primarily conducted in virtual and digital spheres. 

Lectures are held mainly online. We are elaborating rules for laboratories and other location-dependent courses - meanwhile most of them are still cancelled.

Constant efforts are made to plan and conduct a well-regulated, secure and realistic re-opening of on-site activities on our three campuses in Kaiserslautern, Zweibrücken and Pirmasens.

Please make use of our many online events, virtual consulting and support. Have a look at what we have to offer.


Exams can be conducted after consulting with the deanery in charge and with the executive board of the University. 

Ongoing work on semester projects and Bachelor or Master thesis is possible but subject to individual consultations with the lecturer/instructor in charge.


All measures, changes and restrictions are taken to minimize the risks of this pandemic and to provide the possibilities to properly conduct this summer semester at the same time. Please contribute to make the best of this situation!

Read up on Corona-Virus from official and trusted sources, such as the Covid-19 webpage of the World Health Organization (WHO).


What to do if you had contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19?

  • 14 days domestic quarantine
  • provide list of all contact persons of the last two weeks (name, phone number, e-mail) to health authorities
  • as an employée of Hochschule Kaiserslautern: report to your supervisor
  • if you have symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue...), please contact your doctor by phone and follow instructions of medical staff