information on compulsory masks

Dear members of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences,

In view of the upcoming examination period, we would like to inform you that as of Monday, June 27, 2022, the obligation to wear a medical mouth and nose protection will no longer apply to all members of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences. However, we strongly recommend that masks continue to be worn and appeal to protect one's own health as well as that of fellow members through prudent behavior and to continue to observe general hygiene measures. The university still sees the mask as a good means to protect against infection and to increase the safety of all university members. Finally, this measure also protects members of our university who are particularly vulnerable.

We wish you good luck a for the upcoming exam period

Ihr Präsident / Your President

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmidt

Explanations of the applicable framework conditions from April 3, 2022

Dear employees, teachers and students,

In the following we would like to explain again our mail of 01.04.2022, in which we informed you about the general conditions at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences that have been in effect since April 3, 2022:

Due to the persistently high infection figures in the city and region, the mask requirement at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences will be maintained as an important and effective protective measure to continue to increase your safety and that of all university employees. We are aware that wearing a mask is not very comfortable. At the same time, the mask is a good way to protect against infection, especially with the current, highly contagious viral variant. Many university members also welcome the wearing of a mask because this measure strongly contributes to giving a feeling of security and thus attending events at our university in a more relaxed manner and with more concentration. Finally, this measure also protects members of our university who are particularly vulnerable. In consideration of these aspects, we have decided in favor of this regulation. Therefore, masks (FFP2 mask or OP medical mask) are to be worn in our buildings.


The mask can be taken off by the lecturer as well as at the seat in the cafeteria. Wearing the mask is optional on the outside campus area.


We hope that through these measures, we can all work together to have a healthy and successful Summer Semester 2022.


Best regards

Hans-Joachim Schmidt

This applies from April 3, 2022 at University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern

Dear members of the university,


with Saturday, 02.04.2022, the transition period for the currently valid Corona protection measures in Rhineland-Palatinate expires. We would like to point out that 3G at the university will be discontinued and therefore also the random check of the 3G status. All other regulations (see information from 24.02.2022) remain in place.

Best regards
Hans-Joachim Schmidt


Welcome to the summer semester 2022

Dear students,

At the start of the summer semester 2022, we would like to welcome you to the three study locations of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and inform you about the planned structure of the semester. For our new arrivals at the university, we have also compiled all the central information that will make your start easier and help you with your initial orientation.

Attendance semester

We are pleased to inform you that, as things stand today, there will once again be an attendance semester. This means that there will be face-to-face teaching and that we will again be able to welcome you in person at the three study locations. For more information on how to arrange your classes, please contact your program director or the respective instructor.

Mask requirement

In order to continue to enhance your safety and that of all members of the college, the mask requirement will be maintained. This continues to apply to all staff and students (also in courses and examinations) and does not expire at the seat. Exception: those who speak and are 3m away from others may remove the mask.

Contact registration

The 30th Corona Control Ordinance, effective January 31, 2022, eliminates the requirement for universities to collect contact information. However, it is still recommended for early notification of potential risk encounters. In order for this to be as automated as possible, the university is moving from contact data collection using the campus board to the Corona warning app. The existing QR codes will be replaced with QR codes for check-in using the Corona Warning app for what will then be voluntary contact data collection.


The recording of 3G status will be continued and randomly checked. For 3G proof, the general EU digital vaccination certificate (QR code on the official COVID certificate, in the CovPass or Corona alert app) must be presented; non-immunized individuals can prove their status by presenting the result of a negative PoC antigen test performed by trained personnel. Self-testing is not permitted, even if training to test has been provided.

Special regulations for examinations

Even though the upcoming semester will be another normal semester of attendance, the university is aware that the last few semesters have been very draining for you and that you have had to deal with special stresses. In order to support you, the regulations for the supplementary examination will also apply in the summer semester of 2022. However, we would like to point out that the special regulations that have applied up to now are no longer valid or will be gradually abolished.  However, this is regulated differently among the departments. Students who are unsure about this point, also with regard to the topic of service or compulsory registrations by the examination office, should contact their responsible staff member in the examination office to be on the safe side and ask in good time what the current regulations are.

Orientation and advice

The study advising service ( ) is happy to support you in the individual planning and organization of your summer semester. However, the entire team of the "Student Life Cycle" unit ( ) is also available to assist you as a contact person, companion and advisor - be it through information, networking or promotion. We encourage you to take advantage of the orientation and support services for prospective students, undergraduates, and graduates along the entire Student Life Cycle, or to contact your program director directly if you have questions about your studies. The department "Digital and Media" also offers support for technical questions regarding digitally supported teaching and learning (video conferences BBB & Co, Olat, Panopto, ...). You can find further information at .

Invitations and protocola of university-wide committee meetings

On the intranet ( , a login is required), the protocols of the Senate and the University Council are published and the invitations are deposited. For virtual meetings, individuals wishing to attend are asked to request access at sektretariat.hochschulleitung(at)hs-kl(dot)de .

Your requests to the university

Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences offers all members of the university, i.e. students and employees, opportunities to contact the university on an occasion-related basis at . You can use various forms to send us your ideas and complaints or, if you wish, also anonymously your personal concerns (suggestion box). The aim is to facilitate uncomplicated and constructive communication. You can only use the three areas if you verify your identity as a member of the university via your university e-mail address. The anonymity in the suggestion box remains intact due to encryption despite verification. For concerns that relate specifically to the organization of studies, you can contact the members of the Study and Teaching Committee (FSL) of your study program at .

Service points of the computer center and external help

The service points at the respective study locations are the central contact points of the Computer Center, where you can turn to in case of problems and questions related to the IT infrastructure. On this page  you will find all contact details of the respective study locations. For questions in the area of Unix, we would like to refer you to the unixAG homepage  and thank you for your kind support.


You can view the dining facilities at the three study locations of the university at .


Information on the university library and the various service centers can be found at .


A contingent of dormitory places is available for students at all of the university's study locations. The student dormitories are generally operated by the Studierendenwerk, which also accepts applications for dormitory places. You can find information here: and directly on the website of the Studierendenwerk: .


Please use the designated parking areas and do not block the marked fire lanes. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed without further notice and stored at your expense.

I wish you, also in the name of the entire university management, much success and fun in your studies and of course and a good arrival in the new semester.

Best regards

Hans-Joachim Schmidt

Important information on teaching and examination operations (4th February 2022)

Dear students and employees,

in Rhineland-Palatinate, the 30th CoBeLVO has been in effect since January 31, 2022. In particular for teaching and examination operations, the existing hygiene rules of the HSKL remain in force

We emphatically remind you that all persons who receive a positive test result are obliged to comply with the valid or ordered infection protection measures. In addition, we refer to the currently valid regulations of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate regarding the segregation and quarantine obligation for persons infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, persons suspected of being infected, members of the household and contact persons. If contacts have occurred within the university, please provide information so that contacts can be notified. Therefore, please contact your dean's office in this case.

Admission to the exam is only possible with a valid 3G certificate

Dear students,

according to the 28th Corona Regulation from 23.11.2021, the 3G rule applies to exams at our university. This means that admission to the exam is only possible with a valid 3G certificate.

Acceptable test certificates include PoC antigen tests performed by trained personnel (rapid test), approved by the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices and listed on the website The test is permissible if it was performed

no more than 24 hours ago! Please make sure that both vaccination and test certificates are machine-readable, i.e. have a QR code for scanning. Request machine-readable versions if necessary.

The details of the allowed tests can be found in §5 para. 3 sentence 1 of the regulation

We would also like to point out that the existing hygiene rules of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences will continue to apply (see mail and below "Start of lectures: what does 3G mean for me and what do I have to watch out for?"

by the chancellor dated 30.09.2021 or ). In all buildings of the university,

medical masks (OP mask or FFP2 mask) are compilsory. This does not expire in lectures and exams even at the seat (permitted exception is the removal of the mask for the respective lecturer at a minimum distance of three meters). Courses must also be held in a checkerboard pattern.

Further information on the organisations of your courses will be obtained from your course director or the respective lecturer. Therefore, please check your university e-mails regularly.

Yours sincerely

Your university management


Links to the apps:

Corona Warning App (info, warning function and vaccination/gene card, recommended)




CovPass App: (vaccination/gene card only).




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmidt



Mail from the university management 2021-09-30

Dear students,

The lecture period is starting and we are all happy that many lectures can take place in presence. However, participation is currently only possible under certain conditions and in compliance with the hygiene concept. As a university, we are bound by the current Corona Control Ordinance of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Therefore, the following binding rules apply for the concrete implementation:

  1. medical masks (OP mask or FFP2 mask) are compulsory in all university buildings. This also does not expire at the seat.
  2. only a limited number of people are permitted in some areas of the university. Please look out for signs on your own responsibility and show consideration for each other. 3.
  3. outdoor gatherings are to be avoided, e.g. in front of doors or in car parks.
  4. lecturers as well as students are only allowed to be on campus and also to participate in the face-to-face lectures if they carry an official proof of the status "vaccinated", "recovered" or "tested" (3G). The lecturers as well as the security service must be able to check the proof at any time. Therefore, please have QR codes issued whenever possible - even for tests that must not be older than 48 hours. The digital certificate of complete vaccination or recovery can be carried in the Corona warning app published by the Robert Koch Institute or in the CovPass app available for Android as well as iOS smartphones (links can be found at the end of the email). The certificate can then be checked by teaching or supervisory staff in a data-protection-compliant manner and without long waiting times using the complementary CovPassCheck app. Both are authorised to do so by the house rules. Furthermore, an unannounced check by the supervisory authorities is possible at any time.  
  5. if the check reveals that there is no valid proof of 3G status, the teaching or supervisory staff will ask the person concerned to leave the campus immediately.
  6. The university is obliged to document contacts in attendance mode. In order to be able to carry this out in a data protection compliant manner and with little effort for all parties involved, all persons who are in a room must carry out a "check-in" via the QR codes attached to the tables and "check out" again accordingly before leaving the room. Incidentally, the "contact time" data is only forwarded electronically to the health department in the event of a reported Covid case and is otherwise not processed further.

You will receive further information on the organisation of your courses in this semester from your course director or the respective lecturer. Therefore, please read your university emails regularly.

Please support us in resuming face-to-face teaching by conscientiously applying the above rules. Only if we are successful in observing all precautionary measures can we gradually return to regular "normal operation".

We wish you a good start to the semester.

Yours sincerely
Your university management



PS: Please refer to the Corona Control Ordinance for the regulations on 3G and the type of rapid tests recognised.

Links to the apps:

Corona Warning App (info, warning function and vaccination/gene card, recommended).



CovPass App: (vaccination/gene card only).



Current announcement of the university management of 10 August 2021

Dear students,

Preparations for the winter semester 2021/2022 are underway. Since no one can foresee the pandemic situation that will prevail in October, the departments, together with the university management, have to work with many unknowns and prepare several scenarios.

The goal is and remains that as much as possible will be held as face-to-face events. However, spatial capacities in particular, combined with distance requirements, will mean that not all courses can be held in attendance and hybrid or online formats will be offered in the winter semester instead. The subject committees for studies and teaching in the departments are your appropriate points of contact for feedback regarding the implementation of teaching concepts and courses.

Our responsible ministry is still working on a legal framework for studying in presence at the university. As far as we know at present, access to the university for students will only be permitted according to the "3G" rule. Specifically, this means that only students who are fully vaccinated, recovered or tested will be allowed to participate in face-to-face courses. The same applies to the use of the library or student workrooms. The certificates must be carried with you during your stay at the university and must be presented during inspections.

The hygiene concept to be implemented by the university on the basis of the then valid Corona Control Ordinance will also address the topics of mandatory masks and distance rules. We will inform you about the hygiene concept in due time.

We see the vaccination as an important contribution to the possible attendance at our university. We would therefore like to make a request to you: Take advantage of the numerous vaccination offers now in order to obtain full vaccination protection in good time before lectures begin and to protect yourself and your fellow students.

We hope that we can take another step towards more "normality" with our plans and look forward to the coming winter semester with you.




All measures, changes and restrictions are taken to minimize the risks of this pandemic and to provide the possibilities to properly conduct this summer semester at the same time. Please contribute to make the best of this situation!

Read up on Corona-Virus from official and trusted sources, such as the Covid-19 webpage of the World Health Organization (WHO).


What to do if you had contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19?

  • 14 days domestic quarantine
  • provide list of all contact persons of the last two weeks (name, phone number, e-mail) to health authorities
  • as an employée of Hochschule Kaiserslautern: report to your supervisor
  • if you have symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue...), please contact your doctor by phone and follow instructions of medical staff