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What is the Firmenkontaktmesse (Job Fair) and what does it bring to me?

The Job fair of HS Kaiserslautern is named FiKoM. It gives you as a student the opportunity to socialize in an informal atmosphere with interesting company representatives.

First semester students, students of higher semesters and graduates from all faculties of the university can get to know attractive companies each year alternately at the study locations of Kaiserslautern and Zweibrücken.

This year FiKoM will take place on October 24, 2019 at Campus, Zweibrücken.


  • Get to apply for job vacancies on the job wall
  • Actively ask for information about current opportunities for entering the profession, possible internships, dual study places with KOSMO and topics for your final paper.
  • Check the current need for graduates of your own field of study
  • Get to know potential employers and their requirements
  • Get insights into different corporate cultures
  • Clarify relevant questions in direct conversation


Wie kann ich teilnehmen und was wird geboten?

  • Participation and all job offers are free
  • Regional and national companies
  • Messe-Warm-Up am 16.10.2017 in ZW (13:00 - 15:00) und am 18.10. in KL (13:00 - 15:00) mit Anmeldung!
  • Welcome to FiKom - a Messe-Warm-Up specially for international students at 17.10.2017 in PS (13:00-15:00) with registration
  • Im Vorfeld - die Wirtschaftsförderung KL spricht über die Unternehmen in der Region Kaiserslautern: 18.10.2017 (16:00-17:00)
  • Bus shuttle between locations (registration required)
  • Information in the run-up to the fair online and printed
  • Brochure for orientation with important information (in german language)
  • Orientation rallye for international students
  • FiKoM matrix: Which company is looking for which degree programs?
  • Job wall with current job offers
  • Professionelle Bewerbungsfotos - sind leider schon ausgebucht!
  • Application file check by the employment agency
  • Lottery with attractive rewards

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