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Changes to the General Examination Regulations

The General Examination Regulations have undergone many changes with the current edition of the Hochschulanzeiger from November 28th, 2014.

Here, we will provide you with an overview of these changes and detailed information on some individual changes which will particularly affect your examination registration.

You are obligated to inform yourself on the legal examination conditions - we would like to support you in this.

Extending the period for the first retest - Bachelor only

Formerly, the ABPO (General Bachelor Examination Regulations) stipulated that if you do not pass an exam, you must register of your own accord to retake the examination in the following semester, given that the examination is offered in that semester.

This rule changes if you

  • are studying for a Bachelor’s and
  • subject-specific examination regulations apply to you, based on the ABPO.

Check: What is my retest period?

Under these conditions, the period for taking the first retest has been extended by one semester. Therefore, you must first take the first reexamination two semesters after the original examination. However, you may also complete the first reexamination earlier than that. For the 2nd retest,the old rule applies, which states that the reexamination must be completed in the following semester.Here, you can see an example of a case like this:

WS 14/15

Independent registration for the first examination attempt completed and “not passed”.
⇒ 1st reexamination no later than the next semester (WS 15/16)

SS 15

You can postpone the first reexamination. To do so, you must register yourself. If you do not pass this retest, the 2nd reexamination must be completed in WS 15/16. The Examination Office will complete this registration for you.

WS 15/16

Service registration for the first reexamination and “not passed”.
⇒ 2nd reexamination in the following semester (service registration).

SS 16

Service registration for the second reexamination

This is the first time that this rule applies to examinations that were failed in the first attempt in the 2014/2015 winter semester.

Please also note the following QIS overview.

Service registration for retaking examinations

The service registration applies to reexaminations, and means that you must be registered for the examination by the Examination Office under the following conditions:

  • You are retaking an examination and
  • not registering will result in a fail grade.

This regulation applies to the following, as of the 2015 summer semester

  • Bachelor's degree courses with subject-specific examination regulations in accordance with ABPO (General Bachelor Examination Regulations).
  • Master's degree courses with subject-specific examination regulations in accordance with AMPO (General Master Examination Regulations).

Please note:
You may not deregister from a reexamination with service registration.

When do I have to register for an exam myself?

  • For the first attempt at taking an examination (this also applies if you have registered once but then deregistered within the deregistration period) - Please be aware of any potential obligations to register for an examination for the first time before a certain semester.
  • For retaking an examination before it is required (e.g. if, on a Bachelor’s course, the first reexamination must be taken 2 semesters after the initial attempt, but you may complete it earlier, i.e. in the following semester).

PLease also note the following  QIS Overview.

Overview of the most notable changes

The following important points in the General Examination Regulations have been changed:

  • Establishment of a common Examination Committee to coordinate application of the General Examination Regulations (§ 1 para. 2 ABPO/AMPO)
  • Standardized cancellation period for examinations without students having to provide a reason, one week before the scheduled examination, shorter cancellation periods may be permitted as part of subject-specific examination regulations (§ 5 para. 4 ABPO/AMPO)
  • Allowing for the possibility for the faculties to define further, competency-oriented examination requirements in the subject-specific examination regulations (§ 6 para. 3 ABPO/AMPO)
  • Regulations on elective modules (§ 6 para. 12 ABPO/AMPO)
  • Additions to and clarifications of the regulations on examination marking (§ 13 ABPO and §12 AMPO)
  • Additions to the regulations on fraud and plagiarism (§ 14 para. 3 and 4 ABPO and § 13 para. 3 and 4 AMPO)
  • Changes to the retest periods for examinations on Bachelor's degree courses (§ 16 para. 3 ABPO): The first reexamination must first be attempted 2 semesters after the first attempt. In the case that the first retest attempt was not successful, the second retest must then be taken in the following semester.
  • Changes to the obligation to register for examinations (§ 16 para. 3 ABPO and § 15 para. 4 AMPO): The obligation to register for examinations will continue to apply to the first attempt. When retaking an examination, the registration may be completed by the Examination Office, in cases where an incomplete registration will lead to a fail grade (service registration). You must then only register for yourself if you would like to retake the examination earlier than is required.
  • Reorganization of the recognition system in accordance with the Lisbon Convention (§ 17 ABPO and § 16 AMPO)
  • Additions to the regulations on the content of certificates (§ 19 ABPO/§ 18 AMPO)

The following interim regulations must also be noted:

  • The extended period for retaking an examination (on Bachelor degree courses only) now applies for the first time to examinations that were first attempted unsuccessfully in the 2014/2015 WS.
  • The Examination Office will for the first time complete registrations for retaking examinations in the 2015 summer semester.
  • The shorter deregistration period for examinations of one week before the scheduled examination or the deadline for coursework or project work will come into effect one day after the changes to the regulations have been published, i.e. as of November 29th, 2014. This regulation will apply as long as no other deregistration period is specified in the QIS or your examination schedule. For periods that previously lasted longer than a week, the deregistration period of one week now applies. Please note that in this case, you must deregister in writing with the Examination Office, as these shortened deregistration periods will not yet be shown in QIS this semester.

Examination regulations in English

The new editions and English versions of the General Examination Regulations can be found on the intranet.