Applied research focus area "Highly Efficient Technical Systems" (HTS)

Technical issues that arise among service providers, industrial companies, and scientific circles are increasingly being addressed by developing complex technical systems.

The focus on solutions from single components is retreating ever further into the background and is being overtaken by interconnected (socio-)technical systems. In the development, a system-technical and interdisciplinary approach plays a central role; collaboration across different domains is essential. Solutions to technical problems are always subject to a multitude of various constraints. The system requirements are fulfilled by the use of various, sometimes already existing modules, whereby the restrictions are related to availability, functionality, energy and resource efficiency, and cost. Creating a solution to a problem therefore always involves optimization as well.

The research focus area of “Highly Efficient Technical Systems” also shares this view and concentrates on optimizing technical systems. To this end, experts in the fields of electrical engineering, IT, and mechanical engineering combine their interdisciplinary competencies to create innovative solutions, from the product approach, to the extended product approach, right up to the entire system approach.

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Picture of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Urschel
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Urschel