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Current schedules

The schedule for the current semester as well as the timetable for all courses are available for download.


The lessons start at 1st of March in the summer semester; at 1st of September in the winter semester (unless it's a public holiday).

In total you will have a maximum of 34 semester hours (SWS) of teaching. One SWS is 45 minutes.
Teaching takes place between Monday and Friday.

The lessons normally take place on Morlauterer StraßeCampus, Building A. You will find a map of the campus here.


If you are admitted to the Studienkolleg you are expected to attend classes regularly.

If you miss a teaching session, you will need to provide a written reason for absence (forms can be obtained in the secretariat) as well as a medical certificate or certificate issued by the authorities.

If you miss more than 25,0% of the lessons without a valid reason, you will not be allowed to take the final assessment test "Feststllungsprüfung".


If your question relates to the content of the lessons, please direct it to the teachers at the Studienkolleg.

If your question relates to the organisation, please direct it to the secretariat at the Studienkolleg.


You will find information relating to study support services here