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Recognition of Credits

According to the Lisbon Convention from 2007, credits or qualifications acquired abroad must be recognised as long as no substantial differences can be demonstrated, i.e., identified and justified, by the university.

What “substantial differences” means in detail is a matter of discretion. Regarding the size, for example, minor differences are not important. Credit for a module with 4 ECTS completed abroad cannot be automatically denied solely because of its size if the same module has 5 ECTS at the student’s home university.

Sometimes it is also advisable to combine several smaller modules to get credit for one large module at the home university. In such cases, the focus is particularly on the integral evaluation of the competencies to be acquired and less on a detailed one-to-one comparison of subject-matter content.

After the student returns to their home university, it is generally no problem to convert credit points (module size), especially if the host university also uses ECTS. In all other cases, conversion is performed in accordance with the available data (for example in ANABIN). The International Office will, of course, be happy to assist you with this. The conversion is usually performed according to the “Modified Bavarian Formula”, i.e., by linearization between the best and the worst passing grades. Exceptions, resp. additions, can be found in this Table. If classification tables exist, the person responsible for the module can deviate from these in a reasonable manner.

Also, since April 2016, the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences has been a member of Egracons, a database for transparent and fair grade conversion based on percentage-wise grade distribution at the host and home universities.

In the event of disagreements regarding recognition of credits, the following order of clarification must be strictly adhered to:

  • Person(s) responsible for the module
  • Study abroad representative of the faculty or study programme
  • Head of the International Office
  • Head of the Examination Office

The form for the recognition of credits for examinations and study achievements acquired abroad can be found here as a Word file and here as an interactive PDF.

Finally, all your rights and obligations can be found again here.