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Application, enrolment, and tuition fees

The International Office is not responsible for the application of foreign students who want to obtain a degree (Bachelor or Master) awarded by HS Kaiserslautern. Applications and admissions (with study goal of a Bachelor or Master degree) are only handled by the respective enrolment office ("Studierendensekretariat") in Kaiserslautern, Zweibrücken or Pirmasens. Information about the enrollment process can be found here.

Students, who do not possess a university entrance qualification may achieve one from the International College ("Internationales Studienkolleg") of the HS Kaiserslautern. For more information, please contact the Internationales Studienkolleg.

There is no tuition fee for those pursuing a first-degree (bachelor's programme, consecutive master's programme). However, you do have to pay the Semesterbeitrag (semester fee) which is completely transferred to the Studierendenwerk (accommodation, canteen, consulting, possibly semester ticket), and the AStA.


Tuition fees are not common in Germany and that's why we do not have a widely-developed system of scholarships. However, we do grant some scholarships, some of which are particularly aimed at supporting foreign students. In our case,  only registered students that have been studying at our university for at least two semesters can apply.

Important notice for foreign students

Your Residence Permit is always coupled to the study programme in which you were registered at the time of approval. If you change your study programme or your residence address without consulting the Foreign Citizens Office(“Ausländerbehörde”) beforehand, you will automatically lose your Residence Permit and you will have to return to your home country and wait some time before entering the Federal Republic of Germany again.

All foreign students, who plan to stay in Germany longer than three months must register at the Municipal Registration Office. EU-citizens have to register within one week after arrival. Non-EU-citizens must obtain a visa from the German Embassy/Consulate in their country PRIOR TO ENTERING Germany. 

As a foreign, non-EU student, you must proof that you have the financial means to pay for your course of studies and your living. This often requires a so-called blocked account where you pay in (upfront) a designated amount of money. Once you are here, you can withdraw a limited amount of money on a monthly basis. Also see

For more information about living expenses in Germany, you may also follow this link.