Consulting Hours

Kaiserslautern: Tuesday 9-13 h, Wednesday 10-12 h, Thursday 10-12 h and by appointment:
Zweibrücken: Monday 11-13 h, Tuesday 9-13 h, Thursday 9-11 h and by appointment:
Pirmasens: during lecture period once a month on Wednesday between 12 and 13 h  (for more information, please check the info-mail or page Events) and by appointment:

Contact persons in the different departments:

Applied Engineering
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Magin
Prof. Dr. Matthias Leiner (Substitute)

Applied Logistics and Polymer Sciences
Prof. Dr. Jens Schuster
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grascht (Substitute)  

Building and Design
Prof. Dr. Thomas Lechner
Prof. Dipl.-Des. Christian Schmachtenberg (Substitute)

Business Administration
Prof. Dr. Christian Armbruster
Prof. Dr. Susanne Bartscher-Finzer (Substitute)

Computer Science and Microsystems Technology
Prof. Dr. Hildegard Möbius- Micro Systems Technologies/ Applied Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Manfred Brill - Computer Science


Picture of Daniela Fleuren, M.A. M.A.
Leitung International Office
Daniela Fleuren, M.A. M.A.
Picture of Silvia Czerwinski
ERASMUS+ Institutional Coordinator, Consultation, Support
Silvia Czerwinski
Picture of Ute Forell
PROMOS Study Trip and Scholarships, ERASMUS+, Consultation, Support
Ute Forell
Picture of Beatrice Melendez
STIBET Scholarships, Matching Funds, ERASMUS+, Consultation, Support
Beatrice Melendez
Picture of Christina Zähringer
ERASMUS+, Eastern Partners, Consultation, Support
Christina Zähringer
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