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International Office

Your international training

This continuing education opportunity is aimed at teachers and staff of European universities and serves in particular to exchange information with international colleagues about their own work. There are often exciting workshops and discussions as well as a varied supporting programme.


How do I proceed?

  • The International Office will be happy to advise you on your plans and on funding opportunities.
  • Choose a suitable training with business relevance on the iMOTION online platform.
  • Register for the training after consulting your supervisor - each training has an individual registration deadline.
  • Once you have received confirmation of your registration, register your Erasmus mobility with the International Office (at least 4 weeks before the planned start). Please refer to the detailed schedule for the next steps.

What funding opportunities are there?

The International Office can subsidise international training courses at Erasmus partner universities with nationally determined rates, so-called lump-sum payments for accommodation and travel expenses. The amount of the Erasmus grant depends on

  • from the country of destination
  • the amount of the university's annual Erasmus budget
  • the demand from all faculties of the university.

A stay abroad worthy of support has a duration of at least 2 days (and a maximum of 2 months). International Staff Trainings usually last several days and a participation fee is charged.
Please clarify with your faculty or department that co-financing is necessary.

To apply for Erasmus funding, please refer to the schedule