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Mentees in the “Check In” Mentoring Program

Arrive, check in, and get going!!

Time is a fleeting resource. You surely learned that during your time at school, but now that you are at university, you will notice it even more. What can you do about it?

If you want to benefit from older students’ experience when you are planning your studies, then the Mentoring Program for first-year students will be perfect for you!

The mentee will be assigned a mentor that studies a relevant subject, and the exchange will take place during tandem sessions.

Questions about the program

  • Clarity on the process and structure of the degree course
  • Expanding your network, including peers who are more advanced in their studies
  • Success in your studies thanks to early consideration of time and learning management
  • Personal development
  • Information on internships and potential employers

Program schedule:

  • Meet and greet with coordinator                                   
  • Meet and greet with mentor: Planning regular meetings (approx. twice a month)
  •  Possibly additional networking events
  •  Additional communication workshop
  • Closing discussion with coordinator

Female students in the first or second semester.

The program runs from November to March in the winter semester, and from April to July in the summer semester. The registration is only valid for one semester.

For many years now, there has been a state-run initiative in place to promote equality in various professional fields. The Girls’ Day in the field of tech, and the Boys’ Day for social professions are both very well known. Generally, this idea of diversity is being fostered by businesses and state institutions. This means that society can only develop further if we incorporate ideas from people from all walks of life. Many technical degree courses still do not have an equal proportion of men and women studying them. With the help of special programs, such as the Mentoring Program for first-year students, the university hopes to encourage more women to choose a degree in tech and to provide them with a wider range of options.

Once a month, there will be a social event for all participants (mentors and mentees). If there are tandem sessions at all three campuses, the events will alternate between the three campuses. There will also be communication training sessions offered once per semester.