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Application deadline October 12th 2020 – 12.00

Learn to create a convincing motivation video

All events are in German language

September 17th 2020 - 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30


September 24th, 2020 - 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30

Registration by e-mail to: anke.fischer(at)hs-kl(dot)de, the number of participants is limited. These are online events; the registered participants will become a zoom link in advance.


Participants can create a convincing motivation video. You should use verbal and non-verbal communication in this medium. You will adapt the content accordingly to the expectations and convert it into video format, thus convincing the jury, which will decide on whom to award the scholarships.


Basics of convincing communication:

  • What do I say to present myself convincingly? (verbal communication)
  • Skilful use of voice and speech
  • Gestures and facial expressions in videos

Realization of the videos:

  • What works well, what can be improved?
  • What do I want to show, how do I want to present myself?
  • Sound and light
  • Do's and Dont'


Online event: "Scholarships also for you!”

You have a good chance to get a scholarship and a scholarship brings you a lot. introduces you to different scholarship possibilities; Katharina Wirges from HSKL will talk about the Germany scholarship. We explain why an application can be so worthy for you.

Our experience has showed that few other forms of student financing bring so many prejudices and misjudgements. For example, the prejudice that only high-flyers are accepted with an average grade! Or also: Scholarships are only for the very needy, others who have even less money than I do should rather benefit from them. For most foundations, need is not the main selection criterion. No registration is necessary, just join in; we are looking forward to you!


17.09.2020 18:00-19:00   Zoom-Link

Zoom ID: 96223283752

Selection interviews for all departments

November 12th 2020 in Kaiserslautern


Award ceremony of the scholarships

December 3rd 2020 in Pirmasens