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About the Career Networking Fair

The FiKoM Career Networking Fair is an event hosted by the Hochschule Kaiserslautern. It allows you, as a company, to introduce yourself to the students and graduates of the Hochschule Kaiserslautern and attract potential skilled employees for the future. Find students who can do their internship or write their final thesis with you, and present yourself as an attractive employer.

Find students who are doing their practical phase or writing their thesis at your company and present yourself as an attractive employer.

The fair, which takes place outside of the pandemic in annual rotation at the Kaiserslautern and Zweibrücken campuses, addresses all students from the five faculties and thus all locations. In the meantime, it has become a permanent fixture in the university's event year and its concept is adapted every year.

Information about the fair 2021

The 11th company contact fair at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences will once again be held under the motto: Connect to business.Uploaded.

This year, we will again offer you various opportunities to meet and make contact with our students.

Based on the consistently positive experiences from last year, we are also holding the fair in 2021 in a purely digital format.

The fair will take place on 2 days: Tuesday, 19.10.2021 and Thursday, 21.10.2021.

The offer includes the digital presence of your company on various channels before-during-after the fair, a personal virtual meeting room on your desired day(s) as well as offers in the run-up to the fair.

If you would like to register at short notice, please send an e-mail to: fikom(at)hs-kl(dot)de We will then get in touch with you at short notice.


The fee for participating in the  FiKoM is €1,071 inc. VAT. For all patrons of the Deutschlandstipendium at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern, who have made a donation in the year of the Career Networking Fair in question, participation is free of charge.

When registering, you will have the option to become a patron of the Deutschlandstipendium scheme. Patrons can choose to donate a full or half Deutschlandstipendium contribution:

  • half Deutschlandstipendium contribution equates to a  donation of €900 to the Deutschlandstipendium fund, which is used to provide grants to suitable students at the Hochschule Kaiserslautern.
  • A  full Deutschlandstipendium contribution is a donation of €1,800. In making this donation, you may also specify who the recipient of the Deutschlandstipendium should be, (i.e. students of a particular faculty or even a specific degree course), and you can also take part in the selection meetings in an advisory capacity.