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Options for female research students

When considering the share of men and women in highly-qualified fields, the strong underrepresentation of women is particularly evident. The higher the job requirements and level of responsibility are, the lower the share of women in Rhineland-Palatinate in those jobs (Federal Statistics Office). Therefore, encouraging women to enter into highly-qualified professions is one of the university’s key objectives. Programs by the Ministry for Education, Science, Further Education, and Culture specifically support women who have had to interrupt their career in science or another highly-qualified profession in favor of childcare. The university makes use of these programs and also shows support with its own funding measures:

Female doctoral candidates who are pursuing their doctorate without a research assignment from the university and end their working relationship with the university can obtain financial support in the form of afellowship.

With financial aid, we enable female doctoral candidates to attend international conferences and acquire relevant specialist literature.

If you need further information on any of the above, please contact theDepartment for Equality.