UR-AI 2021 - Session 2: Other and general topics

You can participate in the following talks in Session 2 with focus on AI in other and general topics

  1. Gaussian Process Inspired Neural Networks for Spectral Unmixing Dataset Augmentation
    Johannes Anastasiadis and Michael Heizmann
  2. R&D of a Multisensory System for Excavation Machines for the Real-Time Generation of AI/ML Classified, Georeferenced and BIM compliant Voxel Models of Soil (ZIM Project HOBA)
    Reiner Jäger, Mohamed Almagboul, Guru Prashanth Sridhar and Anantha Praveen Chaitanya
  3. Predictive prognostic for Li-Ion batteries in electric vehicles
    Inès Jorge, Ahmed Samet, Tedjani Mesbahi and Romuald Bone
  4. An Architecture to Quantify the Risk of AI-Models
    Alexander Melde, Astrid Laubenheimer, Norbert Link and Christoph Schauer
  5. Exercises in Human-Centered AI: On Shneiderman’s Second Copernican Revolution
    Dieter Wallach, Lukas Flohr, Annika Kaltenhauser and Sven Fackert
  6. Interpretable Machine Learning for Quality Engineering in Manufacturing - Importance measures that reveal insights on errors
    Holger Ziekow, Ulf Schreier, Alexander Gerling and Alaa Sale