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Method of treating or preventing central nervous system disorders using 1-ar(alk)ylimidazolin-2-ones; AKZ: 29900P, US 60/486678.

In Anmeldung beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt: „Kulturfreie Nutzung von Microelectrode-Arrays zur Ableitung erregbarer Zellen in vitro: Upside-Down MEA in Single and Co-culture Modus.“ Erfinder: Prof. K-H Schäfer, Dr. rer. nat. Holger Rabe und Dipl. Ing. Sebastian Schlüter.


Rabe, Holger (1999): Untersuchungen zur Physiologie von Neuronen und radialen Gliazellen im Sehzentrum der Regenbogenforelle (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

Autorenschaft der letzten 10 Jahre in „peer reviewed“ Zeitschriften:

Saarelainen, K. S., Ranna, M., Rabe, H., Sinkkonen, S. T., Möykkynen, T., Uusi-Oukari, M., Linden, A.-M., Lüddens, H., Korpi, E. R. (2008). Enhanced behavioral sensitivity to the competitive GABA agonist, gaboxadol, in transgenic mice over-expressing hippocampal extrasynaptic  GABAA receptors. Journal of Neurochemistry 105:338-350.

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Wesentlichste Kongressbeiträge der letzten 5 Jahre:

11th International Meeting on Substrate-Integrated Microelectrode Arrays; July 2018
Decker, D., Pirrung, M., Gries, M., Ingebrandt, S., Schäfer, K-H., Saumer, M., Rabe, H.. Impedance of 3D Nanostructured MEAs: Influence of Coating and Cell Cultivation

Biosensors 2014
Rabe, H., Braun, A., Grimm, M., Hartmann, T., Schäfer, KH.. Using MEA technology for pharmacological screenings in Alzheimer’s disease.
Schwartz, L., Rabe, H., Grundmann, D., Schäfer, KH.. MEA recordings from myenteric plexus in vitro depend on the culture mode.

European Neurogastroenterology meetings – NeuroGASTRO 2017
Clasohm, J., Ull-Sopha1, S., Stoye, N., Endres, K., Rabe, H., Schäfer, K-H.. Functional compensation of gastro intestinal motility indicates enteric plasticity in an early onset model of Alzheimer’s Disease.

International Conference in Advanced Manufacturing for Multifunctional Miniaturised Devices (M6)
2013: H. Rabe, A. Braun, K-H. Schäfer. Does the biological nanoparticle, the amyloid ß peptide, influence directly the enteric nervous system?
2015: D. Decker, H. Rabe, M. Saumer. Development of 3D-nanostructured electrodes for biosensing applications

Neuroscience meeting
2014: Rabe, H., Braun, A., Grimm, M., Hartmann, T., Schäfer, KH. Acute effects of amyloid beta 42 on the GUT enteric nervous System (ENS)