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Automation Technology

Do you work in the field of electrical engineering/information technology or mechatronics and want to develop professionally?

Then do that!

The objective is the application-oriented engineering education of electrotechnical characteristics.
General educational goals of the course of studies are:

  • Professional qualification for business and industry and
  • Empowerment for lifelong learning.

Both goals are pursued by teaching solid basics as well as practical, subject-specific knowledge, imparting practical experience through laboratories, internships and projects, developing the ability to think abstractly and solve problems, pursuing a fundamentally scientific way of learning and working that is characterized by self-control, promoting social skills such as communication and teamwork.
The subject-specific training should enable students to use and further develop proven methods, processes and technologies in the development, manufacture and project planning of electrical and information technology products and systems and enable them to adapt and apply scientific results in practical problem-solving.
The bachelor's programme in Automation Engineering deals with the automation of industrial processes and plants as a complete system. After a broad education in the fundamentals of electrical engineering, the knowledge of automation technology is deepened. These are essentially control engineering, drive engineering, communication technology, project planning of electrical systems and circuit technology.